Software for financial intermediaries

Fyndoo Advise helps accountants, credit specialists and debt advisors with all aspects of corporate lending: from advice and orientation to application.


From analyzing the financial data to submitting a credit application. Discover everything about the different modules in Fyndoo Advise and how they make your work as a financial intermediary easier.


Analyze enables you to read and analyze past financial data of your client. Helping you to gain swift insight on how to improve their financial performance. 

Credit application

Credit application enables you to swiftly and easily generate a financing application. There is a vast range of lenders for every financing proposition. 


In Forecast you build solid financial scenarios which highlight the consequences of your client’s choices. 


Rating provides a quick insight into the credit worthiness of your client through the eyes of a lender.  


Insight helps you to analyze the financial impact of your client’s choices in collaboration with your client. Thanks to the clear graphical dashboard, your client gains clear and understandable insight into the financial situation of his or her company. 


Business Valuation helps you to easily determine what your client’s company is worth. Now and in the future.


With pre-scan you determine the financeability of a company based on only a few financial numbers. The Fyndoo score is a score from 1 to 10, which gives an estimate of the success rate of a financing application for a company.



We want to make it as easy as possible for you to give the very best advice to your client. In this manual we zoom in on the most important modules within our advisory software; recording figures, working out investments and applying for digital financing.



Customers about Fyndoo Advise

"There are numerous financing solutions for SMEs. But every entrepreneur is unique and therefore also his financing structure and conditions. With Fyndoo Advise we can provide insight into which financing best suits an entrepreneur and his company."
Carlo van der Weg
Carlo van der Weg
Director Credion
“Credit applications via Fyndoo speed up the process for both the entrepreneur and the financier. As a advisor, it is nice to be able to immediately show an entrepreneur with which financiers his application has the greatest chance of success.”
Financial advisor Credion
"Razor-sharp analyzes of the business results and various forecasting scenarios. We use Fyndoo Advise to provide advice to customers with financing needs. In this way we help entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions."
Istvan Pinter
Istvan Pinter
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