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We want to change the world of SME lending.

This is Fyndoo

Most business successes begin with a dream, a wish or an ambition. For entrepreneurs who crave to turn their ideas into reality, access to business lending is essential. Finance is however not something most are familiar with and that’s why they face a major obstacle: the complex, non-transparent and time-consuming task of finding the right financing.


This is not the case at Fyndoo, the connected platform for business financing. Fyndoo supports entrepreneurs and financial advisors in finding and obtaining the right financing. The platform enables financiers to make lending transparent, efficient and future-proof.


Fyndoo stands for thinking, daring and acting in a new way. We want to permanently change the world of business financing. Something which is vitally needed. It is still difficult for companies to gain access to suitable business lending and other financing options. This can be done differently. And should be done differently.  


This is why we have Fyndoo.


Fyndoo fast facts

42 Countries

Financiers in no fewer than 42 countries use Fyndoo to ensure efficient, transparent and reliable financing.

12.500+ Users

More than 12.500 users have access to our online platform.

200.000+ Companies

More than 200.000 entrepeneurs have already found suitable financing through Fyndoo.

A product of Topicus

Fyndoo is a product of Topicus, the IT company that truly wants to add value to society. A company always on the mission to make an impact. With over a thousand smart colleagues we make the impossible, possible. We connect people, data and systems through our innovative platforms. This is how we ensure that entrepreneurs can easily apply for suitable financing to enable them to grow, that diseases are detected at an early stage and that children receive the education to suit their talents and ambitions.

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