Hoe zien financiers de kredietwaardigheid van je klant? Je ontdekt het in de Fyndoo-module Rating.


Gain quick insight

How do financiers rate the credit worthiness of your client? You can find out in the Fyndoo Rating module. This is where you can gain quick insight into the credit worthiness of your client through the eyes of the lender. This allows you to act accordingly with the client and - if necessary - work on the financial viability of his or her company. The result: financing applications with a greater chance of being approved and lending at more favorable conditions. 


A credit scoring model specifically for SMEs


Rating uses the URA rating which is based on a credit scoring model specifically for SMEs. It uses the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and a number of derived ratios as the main input. Using this data, the probability of default (PD) is calculated for the twelve months following the period from which the input figures are set. As the input of the model only requires financial figures, it means the model is objective and less labor intensive than models which also require qualitative input, such as a written questionnaire.


Fyndoo Rating: URA-rating

This rating originates from the University of Munster  and was developed and validated by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hauschildt and Prof. Dr. Jens Leker. The model is currently managed by the URA Rating Agency in Munich, Germany.


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Credit application

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In Forecast you build solid financial scenarios which highlight the consequences of your client’s choices. 


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With pre-scan you determine the financeability of a company based on only a few financial numbers. The Fyndoo score is a score from 1 to 10, which gives an estimate of the success rate of a financing application for a company.

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