Find out the consequences of an investment choice from a financial point of view.


The growth plans of your client

The Fyndoo Advise module Forecast is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the Netherlands. Our banking clients currently use it and as an advisor you now have access to the same powerful forecasting functionality. And for a very affordable monthly fee. The module helps you to easily calculate the growth plans of your client from a financial point of view. The forecast allows you to calculate the consequences of investment choices your client wants to make. 


Powerful scenario analysis in Fyndoo Forecast


The module also supports you with a powerful scenario analysis. For example: what happens to your client’s liquidity if he/she starts leasing his/her vehicles instead of applying for a business credit for this? What does the financial future of your client look like after an intended investment based on the figures of recent years? And is it currently wise to invest at all? Our extensive tool helps clarify to your client whether it is wise to finance and, if so, which forms of financing are best suitable. It is therefore an essential advice tool for you as an advisor. The financial formulas for key figures, for example, have all been set up for you. Allowing you to make a basic forecast in just a few minutes.  


Professional reports

Whether it concerns a liquidity forecast or providing insight into the influence of expected industry trends on the financial overview of your clients situation, Fyndoo Advise can help you. You can easily export the results into an Excel file or as a smart PDF report. There is sufficient space in the report for you to add a personal explanation (in text). You can choose which parts you want to include in the report thanks to our handy wizard. The end result is a professional report which any entrepreneur or funder would feel confident receiving.


Discover the other modules as well. They provide optimal support for every client.


Analyze enables you to read and analyze past financial data of your client. Helping you to gain swift insight on how to improve their financial performance. 

Credit application

Credit application enables you to swiftly and easily generate a financing application. There is a vast range of lenders for every financing proposition. 


Rating provides a quick insight into the credit worthiness of your client through the eyes of a lender.  


Insight helps you to analyze the financial impact of your client’s choices in collaboration with your client. Thanks to the clear graphical dashboard, your client gains clear and understandable insight into the financial situation of his or her company. 




Business Valuation helps you to easily determine what your client’s company is worth. Now and in the future.

Pre-scan Pre-scan

With pre-scan you determine the financeability of a company based on only a few financial numbers. The Fyndoo score is a score from 1 to 10, which gives an estimate of the success rate of a financing application for a company.

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