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With Fyndoo Advise you help entrepreneurs to finance their plans.

Platform for corporate financing

Fyndoo Advise is the independent online platform where you as a financial advisor help entrepreneurs to realize their plans. The software helps accountants, credit specialists and debt advisors with all aspects of corporate lending: from advice and orientation to application. Even generating a financial forecast is made easy. If the forecast shows a loan is required, you can make a request for funding from multiple lenders in just a few clicks. This is how you support clients even better in shaping the financial future of their company. 


Credit application

Fyndoo provides insight into all possible financing solutions – including those you may not even be familiar with yet. Based on your clients plans, the Fyndoo software searches for affiliated lenders who are able to offer suitable financing. More than twenty financiers are currently affiliated to Fyndoo, from major banks to alternative lenders. Fyndoo knows exactly which information and documents need to be provided to each financier to ensure your funding application is complete and can be submitted in one go. This makes the application process not only simple, but also efficient.


Fyndoo Advise, an excellent choice for advisors

Fyndoo Advise is not only an excellent choice for you as a financial advisor, but above all for your clients. It offers valuable insight into their options and ensures faster access to appropriate external capital. Ensuring cost benefits and better rates. Lenders really value Fyndoo, as it is more than just an application solution. You can supplement and strengthen every application with your own professional advice. This gives the financier more certainty that they will offer suitable funding.

Fyndoo Advise is
  • A powerful calculation tool for (going concern) forecasts and scenarios;
  • Reliable support in choosing the most suitable financier(s);
  • An innovative platform for the digital processing of a financing application;
  • The tool that provides insight into future (financing) bottlenecks at a company.

Unique software

Curious why advisors choose Fyndoo Advise? Discover the benefits for yourself.


Your data is optimally secured in our cloud that meets strict security requirements.


See what information you need per financier, so that you can submit a comlete financing application in one go.


With Fyndoo Advise you can make a credit application within 15 minutes.

Multiple financiers

Send a request to several financiers and receive the best offer for your customer.


Upload data easily for efficient processing.

Proven computing power

Trust the computing power of our software just like financiers.

Affiliated financiers

You will find a wide range of financing solutions on our platform. A selection of the financiers affiliated with us:

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