Voordegroei, the power to grow

Together with OHV Asset Management and De Goudse Verzekeringen, Voorde Groei has launched the Fresh Dutch SME Fund. This SME loan fund offers entrepreneurs direct access to loan capital, so that they can realize their growth ambitions.

Since the foundation of this fund, many companies have been able to grow, business successions and acquisitions have been made, business premises have been purchased and a bright future has been built. In March 2022, a second fund was launched in collaboration with NL-invest and EIF; The Fresh Closed SME Fund. This fund will mainly invest in growth, innovation, sustainability and digitization.

Apply for pre-growth via Fyndoo Advise

Recently Voorde Groei is also available on Fyndoo Advise. As an advisor, you can directly submit an application for your client via the financing platform. SMEs can turn to Voorde Groei for working capital, refinancing, acquisition financing, growth financing, bridging loan and commercial real estate.

Basically, a company is eligible for financing if they are established in the Netherlands, have existed for at least 2 years, have a credit requirement of more than € 250,000 and are financially healthy. At Voorde Groei, they believe that people are the most important asset of any company. They look beyond just the figures and think along with the entrepreneur to find the most suitable financing.


Discover how you can submit a structured application to Voorde Groei in Fyndoo Advise step-by-step. This resource is currently only available in Dutch.