Clarity about requested financing within 15 minutes

Every day we try to make Fyndoo Advise more complete and relevant by expanding the range of financiers and their solutions. Did you know that you can now find solutions from the entire financing spectrum in our range? From lease to mortgages!

We previously announced that October, Swishfund, OPR Bedrijfskrediet and Alfa Commercial Finance have been added. Since October, you can also request digital financing from Fundr, an initiative of Rabobank, via our platform.

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With newcomer Fundr we are introducing a new concept on our platform. It is in fact the first financier in which Fyndoo Advise is directly linked to the financing system of, in this case, Fundr.

Clarity about financing within 15 minutes

Applying for financing via Fyndoo Advise only takes 15 minutes and you will receive an e-mail immediately after submission with the indicative offer from Fundr. Even if Fundr is unable to make a personal offer, you will receive a notification by e-mail. This way you get clarity about the possibilities during the conversation with your customer!

Fundr can give you the fast financing clarity because the assessment is done based on transaction data and a few financial key figures. You can easily provide this information via Fyndoo Advise and this combination makes it possible for you to receive an answer so quickly!

For you as an advisor, Fyndoo Advise is currently the first and only platform where you can submit an application to Fundr for a business loan! Of course we will not sit still: in the future we will also make other solutions from the Fundr range available on Fyndoo Advise.

Apply for financing from Fundr

  • Financing from 5,000 - 350,000 euros
  • Term of 2 - 5 years
  • Clarity within 15 minutes
  • Standard fixed interest over the entire term

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