Transparency and speed are paramount at OPR Corporate Credit

Access to finance, the hot topic of the past few months. Never before has this theme been so topical as it is now. Unforeseen circumstances can mean that as an entrepreneur you quickly need financing for temporary problems. There are lenders that focus specifically on that target group, such as OPR Business Credit.

Short-term financing

OPR offers short-term financing to entrepreneurs who need money quickly due to unforeseen growth and circumstances. "That is ideal for project financing, bridging, small investment(s), pre-financing or for a dip in liquidity." says Remco Bakker, Product Manager at OPR Netherlands. "We are also open to financing needs related to the Corona crisis. We always want to use our flexibility in this regard. For example, we may agree to start the first repayment only after two months, instead of one. "

Applying digitally via Fyndoo Advise

Recently you can also easily apply for financing from OPR from Fyndoo Advise. The process is set up in such a way that you can submit a complete application in one go. This makes it easy for OPR to process the request efficiently. 

One of the most important aspects in the processing of the application is the processing speed. "The time from application to financing, when the necessary documents are received, is always less than 12 hours. When the financing is agreed for both parties, the financing is paid out within 15 minutes," says Bakker. OPR does this in a transparent manner. "There are absolutely no hidden costs and/or commissions. The entrepreneur knows exactly, in advance, what needs to be paid and what the conditions are."

In addition, personal service is also valued. This is expressed in, for example, flexibility in starting the repayment. When the entrepreneur repays as expected, a cash back can even be given. After the financing has been successfully repaid, 10% or 20% (depending on the OPR rating) of the credit costs will be returned to the entrepreneur's account. 

The benefits of OPR Business

  • Credit a credit decision within one day;
  • after the entrepreneur's approval, the money will be paid immediately;
  • cash back of 10-20 percent of the cost of credit;
  • from 3,000 to a maximum of 50,000 euros, with a term of 1 to a maximum of 12 months.

OPR Corporate credit

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