The Italian dream

To realize their entrepreneurial dream, Hugo and Yolanda need financiën. They find out this is more difficult than they thought.

Looking for suitable financing

Entrepreneurial duo Hugo and Yolanda have no shortage of qualities. Within two years their 'Il Borgo' was the best catering business in Helmond, their team grew to 25 people and now they see an opportunity to expand their concept. To realize these growth plans, Hugo and Yolanda need financing. They find that this is more difficult than they thought. Fortunately Henri, their advisor, has done this before. Together with Henri they look at the various possibilities. Through the Fyndoo platform, Henri can provide Hugo and Yolanda with direct information about which investor they can or cannot apply for financing.


The right match


Our platform brings together entrepreneurs, advisors and financiers and uses smart technology to provide suitable financing. Any reliable financier and advisor can join, but entrepreneurs only see who is relevant to them. For Hugo and Yolanda, this meant that in their search for a good financier, they quickly gained insight into their opportunities. By entering their wishes and requirements together with Henri, they immediately received an overview of financiers and forms of financing that fit their application. 


Through the automatic selection, we bring promising financing closer to entrepreneurs in a simple way. When they prepare an application together with their advisor, we ensure that the application fully meets the criteria of financiers. This makes assessment of the application simple, saving financiers time and increasing the chances of business success. 


With Fyndoo, we are changing the world of business funding. We are replacing opacity, bureaucracy and frustration with speed, transparency and simplicity. That way, entrepreneurs can realize their ambitions, advisors can be valuable to their customers, and financiers can get in touch with promising projects.


Hugo and Yolanda were soon able to start thinking about the layout of their grand café and restaurant. They found the right financing and can take the Helmond hospitality industry to an even higher level. 


"To make our dream a reality, money is needed. Henri, with the help of Fyndoo, was able to tell us immediately which financiers would consider our loan application. This sped up the process and so we were able to get back to the business of realizing our dream."
Hugo & Yolanda
Hugo & Yolanda
Il Borgo

A market where entrepreneurial dreams are created, structured and realized

However, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs like Hugo and Yolanda. Entrepreneurs with a passion for their profession, proven qualities and the dream of taking their business to great heights. We don't want these dreams to disappear because implementation is complicated and time-consuming. That's why we offer them a funding market that welcomes them with open arms. A market where entrepreneurial dreams are created, structured and made real. That market is called Fyndoo.


“Credit applications via Fyndoo speed up the process for both the entrepreneur and the financier. As a advisor, it is nice to be able to immediately show an entrepreneur with which financiers his application has the greatest chance of success.”
Financial advisor Credion
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