From tenant to buyer

At the end of 2020, contractor Vos from Almere gets the opportunity to buy the property they rent until that moment. It turned out that financing was feasible, but what would be the best financing solution? With that question they came to Istvan Pinter of Fin-Match.

Financially feasible, but what is the best solution?

Patrick did not have to think twice when the opportunity arose to buy the building on the Televisieweg in Almere. It soon became clear that this would be financially feasible. The question was what would be the best solution from a fiscal point of view in combination with own liquid assets.


Istvan Pinter, business consultant and one of the partners at Fin-Match was keen to help Patrick to make this financing possible. Of course on the best possible terms. Moreover, in view of the transfer tax which would go from six to eight percent, it was necessary to act quickly. 


Istvan started with a thorough inventory of the possibilities and it soon became clear that a banking solution would be the best fit. "By creating different scenarios in Fyndoo Advise, we were able to show our customer the financial consequences of the various options. Financing was not his cup-of-tea. Being able to take a customer through the process by literally showing them the impact on the total picture is very valuable."


Together with Patrick, Istvan came to an optimal ratio of own cash contribution and external financing to be requested. The forecasts made with the help of the software are also used in the substantiation to banks and are an important condition for obtaining financing. In this case, that's more than okay. Together they come up with an excellent case for the financiers, the ideal starting point for the negotiations. 


Patrick is now the proud owner of the property. And the financing? "Without a doubt, it is on the keenest terms! says Pinter.


"Razor-sharp analyzes of the business results and various forecasting scenarios. We use Fyndoo Advise to provide advice to customers with financing needs. In this way we help entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions."
Istvan Pinter
Istvan Pinter
Partner Fin-Match
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