Does fintech make business finance more complicated?

A financing process is often experienced as laborious. What role does fintech play in this?

"To actually speed up processes such as credit assessment, it helps if entrepreneurs do not have to go through a laborious process of providing information with every potential financier." This could only be a promotional text by Fyndoo Advise, were it not for the fact that it literally comes from the study 'Policy approach for the SME financing market'. An investigation carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

For entrepreneurs, the financing landscape can be overwhelming. The rise of fintech financiers is cited in the research as not just a positive development. For example, a financing process is often experienced as laborious. Every lender has its own information needs, and it is not always clear what you have to deliver to whom. Also, the new ways of credit assessment often make it complicated to understand how a lender considers whether an application will be honored.

The role of the financing

specialist There is a role for the financing specialist: explaining in a comprehensible manner what such alternative financing means for your customer. This starts with providing insight into how a company's financial position is estimated, for example with a rating. But also explain how such new financing affects the financial situation of the company. This can be done with the help of clear forecasts.

At Fyndoo Advise, we believe that a growing financing offer, fintech and changing application procedures do not pose a threat, but rather make financing easier and more accessible. As a financial specialist, we give you the means to help your client in this changing financing landscape. An example of this is the Fyndoo Marketplace. Here you can see at a glance which steps you have to go through and which documents are required for the successful success of your application.


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